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Building Android Apks Using GitLab CI

I am never content with the status quo. If there is a better way of doing something then I prefer to use that method instead of staying with what I know. Recently I feel in love with GitLab and its many offerings. One such offering is GitLab CI.
GitLab CI (or Continuous Integration) allows you to build your software using the docker image of your choosing, download the compiled version as well as test the software in question. I started asking myself if I can do it with regular desktop software, then why can’t I use it to build my android software. This is a brief overview on how to setup GitLab CI to build an apk.

Before I begin I should note that this method only builds unsigned debug apks. While this is fine for “nightly builds”, you can’t submit these apk files to Google Play (you will still need to build locally for that). Also we need to assume several things. 1) you are using git for revision control. 2) you have gitlab (either through work, your own copy or a account). and 3) you are using gradle for your builds (included with Android Studio) Read More ...

New Semester, New Classes, Same Old Antics

Hello again everybody.

I haven't posted recently owing to being busy with a little project, (more on that in a future post).  But now it back to school time and I am ready to get back to classes. The two I am looking the most forward to are 2D animation and 3D Character Modeling (both with Matt Stoehr). We will be learning  about a really great piece of software called TVPaint, which I have being tinkering with for the last few days. (I really like the fact that it has linux support). We are also going to be using Zbrush for character modeling.

Time to Keep Clam and Chive On!

Darren "Cursive D" OConnell

Summer Time & The Modeling Is Easy

Just completed another semester in college (now its just wait and see about grades). (Update: I checked my grades and I passed both my rigging class as well as my modeling class.)

All items below use Maya 2016 (Edu Version).

This is a image from my final render project


This was a test of bullet physics in Maya



This is a staircase



My Spring 2016 Renders

All my content from my Spring 2016 Semester has just been posted to the following places:


and a selection of my work has been posted to Instagram (

Blender House

Just started working with blend and the blender noob to pro workbook. Created the house below.

Download/Read Noob to Pro Book

Blender Download

Blender House
Blender House

Paintstorm Studio

I recently acquired up and comer Paintstorm Studio (link).  It is available for both Windows(32-bit and 64-bit), Mac  and iOS. At the time of publish you can purchase Paintstorm Studio for US$20 for single PC license  or US$30 for 2 PC license, both come with lifetime upgrades and can be used for both personal and commercial use.

I feel that Paintstorm Studio (currently at version 1.53 (changelog)) is a step between MS Paint and Photoshop (closer though to Photoshop). This is a great piece of software in spite of it being in its infancy and will hopefully go the way of wine, and get better with age. Setup was easy and completed within a few minutes. Support for graphics tablets are present but ruff (could only run in default mode, other modes caused my Wacom Intuos to freeze up forcing me to switch to the mouse to reset the tablets settings withing program). Currently my only other issue is with color selection. You have to switch off the current tool then switch back to get it to update colors.Other then this the software is a delight to use.

The following was made in Paintstorm Studio using only the default/included brush set.

Forest Made With Paintstorm Studio

PS. I am not connected to Paintstorm Studios in anyway, shape or form. Copyrights to all items mentioned their original authors/developers/corporations/etc.

Simple Flying Balls Animation

Simple flying Balls animation made in Maya 2016 (academic edition)

Toy Blocks

This is a set of images of toy blocks





Reference image (below) provided by Professor Matt Stoehr of ARC (


Castle Basement

This is a simple castle dungeon I'm working on in Maya 2016 (academic edition)




Linux Monitor Script

For Linux users here is a basic dual/single monitor script. It requires xrandr to run and has been confirmed to run on Arch, Debian (an all derivatives), and Fedora. Minor modifications are need to run with additional monitors as well as the names of the displays.

This scripts is provided as-is and without warranty.

Download Here


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